About Us

KReader is your gateway to a world of reading in local and vernacular languages. Our subscription based digital reading platform offers a diverse library of eBooks and Audiobooks, bringing stories and knowledge to life in the languages closest to your heart.

At KReader, we are proud to innovate with our AI-powered speech synthesis technology. This cutting-edge feature allows us to batch process Audiobooks with human-like emotions, making your listening experience more engaging and authentic.

We are committed to preserving and promoting local language literature. KReader holds exclusive copyrights for a wide array of local language content, ensuring that you have access to unique and high-quality material that celebrates and sustains cultural heritage.

Join us at KReader and immerse yourself in the richness of local languages through our expansive collection of digital books and emotionally resonant Audiobooks. Let us be your companion in the journey of discovery, learning, and enjoyment in your native language.